Page Template

APEX Page Template.

Select a page template to define the appearance and layout of this page.

Page templates are defined in the application theme. When a page is created, the template is automatically set to Theme Default which will render the page using the default page template defined in the current theme. Making a selection here overrides the default page template.

Many themes contain page templates with specific purposes, such as for displaying content with side columns, login page, dialog pages, and so forth. Universal Theme provides the following page templates:

  • Standard
    The default page template. Ideal for home pages, dashboards, large reports, and other layouts where maximum screen real-estate is desired.
  • Left Side Column
    Provides a left display position that is useful for search and filter pages.
  • Right Side Column
    Provides a collapsible right-side display position that is useful for displaying action-oriented controls such as buttons or lists.
  • Left and Right Side Columns
    Provides both the left side column and collapsible right-side column that is well suited for very complex pages.
  • Login
    Used exclusively for the application login page.
  • Marquee
    Provides a collapsible right side column and a title-bar area which contains primary information. This page template is well suited for displaying a single record which has several related reports or data. Marquee is commonly used for displaying Master-Detail relationships where a single master record is first selected from a report.
  • Minimal (No Navigation)
    Useful for very simple pages, disclaimers, single page applications, or where navigation is not necessary.