Application Builder Concepts

Application Express Applications

Oracle APEX Application is a bundle of application pages, shared components (Application Logic, Security attributes, Navigation list, User interface etc.) What can be inside application?

Application Logic

  • Application Definition Attributes
  • Application Items
  • Application Processes
  • Application Computations
  • Application Settings
  • Build Options


  • Security Attributes
  • Authentication Schemes
  • Authorization Schemes
  • Application Access Control
  • Session State Protection
  • Web Credentials

Other Components

  • List of Values
  • Plug-ins
  • Component Settings
  • Shortcuts
  • Email Templates
  • Lists
  • Navigation Menu
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Navigation Bar List

User Interface

  • User Interface Attributes
  • Themes
  • Templates


  • Static Application Files
  • Static Workspace Files

Data Sources

  • Data Load Definitions
  • REST Enabled SQL
  • Web Source Modules
  • Legacy Web Service References


  • Report Queries
  • Report Layouts


  • Globalization Attributes
  • Text Messages
  • Translate Application

What Is an Application Page?

Application is list of one or multiple pages. Each page can have buttons and fields (called items) which are grouped into containers called regions. Pages can include application logic (or processes, computation).

What can be inside application page?

  • Regions
  • Items
  • Processes
  • Branches Branches are useful to navigate one page to the next or previous page.
  • Dynamic Actions
  • Validations

conditional navigation; perform calculations (called computations); perform validations (such as edit checks); and display reports, calendars, and charts. You can view and edit a page in two views: Page Designer and Component View.

  • Running an Application or Page
  • How Does Page Processing and Page Rendering Work?
  • Understanding Session State Management
  • Understanding URL Syntax
  • About Enabling Support for Bookmarks
  • Managing Session State Values
  • Understanding Substitution Strings