Workspace users are responsible for creating and managing WORKSPACE applications. There two types of users

  • User is an administrator:
  • User is a developer:

How to Create APEX WORKSPACE Users in Oracle Application Express?

  • Login to APEX “Internal” WORKSPACE using APEX Admin.

  • Workspace Reports

  • Existing Workspaces

  • Click on “Workspace Name” to edit

  • Click on “Add APEX User”

  • User Attributes

    • Username(Value Required)
    • Email Address(Value Required)
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Description
  • Account Privileges

    • Workspace(Value Required)
    • Default Schema
    • User is an administrator: Yes/No

If user is not administrator then Access can be customize for the developer, SQL Workshop, Team Development

* User is a developer: Yes/No
* App Builder Access
* SQL Workshop Access
* Team Development Access
* Account Availability
  • Password

    • Password (Passwords are case sensitive)
    • Confirm Password
    • Require Change of Password on First Use